Higher studies: Myths and Facts

This is a short overview about some basic informations for higher studies for KUETIANS.

1. CGPA – Your CGPA is always important. Forget about that myth that someone with a low CGPA with a higher GRE score got into a good school. Yes, it happens, but it does not mean that it is a regular pattern. Sometimes professor don’t find students on time, or sometimes at the 11th hour they need student and therefore, they end up taking the students whoever are in their current poll.

2. GRE – To get into good school (top 50) you must have higher GRE score and there is no exception unless you are a topper from your department and you barely meet the minimum GRE requirements. All the good ranked schools have their cut off score for selecting candidates. If some school asking for 315, then it is 315. Especially for the top ranked school, their admission committee follow a very strict policy. So focus on achieving higher GRE score.

3. Can GRE compensate lower CGPA – yes, it can but it does not mean that you won’t study during the undergrad, and with a 320 GRE score you will seek fund from e.g. UTD. It’s not going to happen. But, you will find position in lower ranked or non-ranked universities. Keep in mind that those schools are small, they have limited budget and they have limited opening in every other year.

4. Does rank matters: ok let me ask you one question if you would get chance in BUET and KUET, would you choose KUET. The plain answer is no. If you are a hiring manager and you have two candidates from BUET and KUET (both are 100/100), would you choose the candidate from KUET instead of BUET. The plain answer is No (given that you are not KUETIANS/BUETIANS). So rank matters. A good ranked university has it’s own reputation in industry, academia, it has a very strong network of alumni, and most importantly the hiring managers from different companies, the recruiters from different staffing companies they follow the rank. They have their own rank list of the universities from where they would like to hire most. And, it’s a fact. Sajib (CSE-2k4) from Carnegie Mellon Universitiy got his job through direct on campus recruitment in Oracle (i guess) and now he is in microsoft. So you can see how his school helped him to get a job.

5. Think higher education as an investment: I guess at least 5-10% KUETIANS are so well off that they can ask any amount of money from their parents and spend for their higher education. If you are capable of doing that, maintain a good CGPA, take the money from your parents and go to top ranked school even if you don’t get fund. I have seen a lot of indian students, came to good school without fund , and after one semester almost all of them got funding. Big schools have always big budget, the professors have a lot of money too. So consider it as an investment.

And, who are from middle class, concentrate on maintaining a good CGPA,and aim higher to get a good GRE score. I have never seen a topper from BUET to go to UND, SDSU type schools. But sad but true, we have seen that our teachers, seniors, and juniors who have pretty good result ended up to low ranked school of which they do not deserve. I am not saying this to disrespect someone, but to tell you that you should aim for higher. A boy from AUST can end up to University of Central Florida, Gainsville; then i don’t see any legitimate reason for being ended up getting into so called US schools with a higher CGPA.

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