Some Facts about Higher Study @ USA

It’s a burning question of KUETians who are trying/planning for higher study with low CGPA. The USA universities usually put their minimum requirement around 3.00 for MS admission and 3.5 for PhD admission. This is not true always. In most cases, your admission and funding will depend on your overall package.

1) Academic Results
2) GRE
4) Research Experience (you did it as a part of your undergraduate thesis, so don’t worry about it, just try to have some publications based on that)
5) Co-curricular activities

I saw many students with higher CPGA (>3.5), GRE (>1400 old/321 new) or IELTS (>7.00) or TOEFL (>100) not getting admission to the universities they prefer…

Also I’ve found students with low academic results (sometimes below 3.00) and higher other stuffs (sometimes with low GRE and TOEFL) getting admissions with funding to their desired universities.

Although some people will say it’s not an example it’s exception….But it’s fact..

You wanna know why????? Let’s see the available funding sources for students:

1) RA (Research Assistantship): most and possible in most cases
2) TA (Teaching Assistantship): few and competitive
3) GA (Graduate Assistantship; RA+TA): few and competitive
4) Fellowship: few and competitive
5) Other external and internal funding sources (such as Fulbright or alike)

For an example two students have applied in the same university in the same department to do research with the same professor with different academic profiles?

What do you think who will get funding?
The one whose research interest matches with Professor’s ongoing/upcoming research project. Professors usually expect a student having research experience…..I mean Professor wants you to be an independent researcher….although he will engage you to learn…

[One thing I need to mention based on my experience is that sometimes you will hear from someone like "r e tor/tomar/apnar to valo CGPA nai, tui/tumi/apni higher study korbi/korben kmnne!!!!!!!!!!" Just ignore....]

So my dear fellow KUETians: don’t be frustrated with your low CGPA (but please try to improve your GPA from the beginning of your undergraduate study)….go ahead…Wanna see u in a leadership position in the near future in the field of your interest…

Good Luck!!!!!!!!

~Mottaleb Hossain

Graduate Student, OSE/PA/ECE

University of New Mexico, USA

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