How to find professors relevant to your research track/interest?

Many students are struggling to find professors relevant to their research track. But it is very easy to find Professors and openings/available positions in their (Professors) research group.

Just follow the procedures:

Best Engineering Schools According to US News:

State wise list of Universities:

For an example I consider School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) of Cornell University….

2) (you will find ongoing research at ECE Department)
3) (choose the option which matches your research interest; for an example I’ve chosen Optoelectronics and Nanophotonic Devices, sometimes you will find research centers, just explore)
4) There you will find professors doing research on Optoelectronics and Nanophotonic Devices
5) Explore their profile and find whether they have available research positions or your research interest matches with…
6) (I have chosen Farhan Rana)
7) Now you have Professor Farhan Rana’s profile (most of the time you will find Professors personal web page option in his profile section, it depends university to university web policy)
8) Now go to his research group webpage.
9) You will find several options like research, people in his group, openings etc
10) Now go to openings section.
11) You will see few graduate positions available in his group
12) Now e-mail to Professor and wait for response
13) Tile: Seeking research position in Semiconductor Optoelectronics Group or
Research interest in………….and graduate (PhD) admission..

Dear Professor,

Good morning. I’m very much interested in Optoelectronic Materials and Devices and intend to perform research activities at ECE Department in the graduate level. (I have formally applied for PhD in ECE for the Fall, 2013…..)

Please note that one of my research papers has been published recently at the IEICE Transactions on Electronics (or you are going to publish your research outcome…..)

Due to my eagerness & research interest, I am more than willing to carry out advanced research at ECE Department (or in your group) and add values to the cutting edge research environment under your direct supervision.

(Make it short as possible as you can because professors get lots of e-mail from students all over the world. They don’t have much time to read all of your stuffs.)

14) Wait for response


Please keep in mind that US professors usually want PhD students…..normally they don’t provide funding to MS students because the research projects run for very long time 2, 3, 4, or 5 years…..first one year (or less) professors will teach you what is research and help you to learn (literature review, lab works etc…)…then he will expect from you…

Most of the professors do not update their profile although they have currently available research positions. In that case search their CV or other related options.

Explore and find your future professors to whom you are going to perform advanced research.

Good Luck!!!!!

~Mottaleb Hossain

Graduate Student, University of New Mexico, USA

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