Higher study in Finland

Rokon Uddin
ECE 2k5
Masters Student
Biomedical Engineering
Temperate University of Technology
Web: http://www.tut.fi/public/index.cfm?siteid=32
The selection process of universities of finland is very simple. All you have to do is give the ielts exam and get at least 6.0. but for biomedical engg. it is at least 6.5. Higher cgpa is not necessary. in fact, i applied before my final examination. so i submitted the results of my 7 semesters. and cgpa was then 3.41. and now it is 3.46. the university i am studying is the 2nd ranked university of finland. that is tampere university of technology. and it is 350th in the world ranking. the 1st university of finland is HUT. however, TUT offers the following ┬ámasters programme…………
The good news is that studies in finland is free of tuition fees. so we have to bear only our own living cost. thats all. Estimated cost is about 4-5 lakh taka for 2 yrs. here masters programme is normally coursework+thesis(last 6 months). so the fund will be provided at the time of the thesis. the quantity of fund obviously variies from department to department, professor to professor, subject to subject.
some information about HUT. recently hut became a part of another university. now jointly they are called alto university. It is to be informed that HUT is 1st ranked university in finland and 68th ranked ENGINEERING university in the world.
the deadline may be middle or end of january.
one more thing. masters in sweden was also free. but from the next academic year 2011-2012. they will introduce tuition fees along with scholarship opportunities. but free tuition obviously is tensionless than getting scholarship specially for the medium cgpa holders like me.
It is sometimes said that finland is sweden’s younger brother. whatever sweden does, finland follows.
there is a possibility that finland may also introduce tuition fees in a year or two. It is bettter to take decision for joining finland univesities as soon as possible. however, i am the only kuetian here. there are many students from IUT. i think kuetians who have cgpa 3.3-3.6 can easily join here.

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