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How GRE Test will help you for your life

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Md. Raihan Masud, CSE Alumni, Batch- 2K2
Lecturer, Stamford University Bangladesh
PhD Student(From Fall,2008), Fellowship
University of Oregon, USA
I would like to write on GRE issue. I hope it might help the current
students or those who want to go for a Higher Study.

Importance of GRE :
GRE-Graduate Record Examination

To apply for MSc or PhD programs GRE is a like an entrance exam or admission test. If you do well in GRE, it seems that you are doing well in an admission test. So your chances become higher for getting an admission as well as scholarship to World Leading Universities. Even students form USA or CANADA require GRE for their MS and PhD application.

Which universities ask for GRE?
Ans: GRE test is required for most of US Universities (around 95%) many Canadian Universities(around 65%), some European Universities(around 30%), in Japan I don’t feel GRE required but it is good if you have GRE score. Even for applying to IIT, India GRE is required.

GRE would not only help you for Higher Study but also help you for the following two primary issues:

#1. If you think you would apply for IBA MBA. GRE preparation would cover both the Math and verbal section of IBA test. If you plan for staying at Bangladesh you can plan for a MBA. Engineering + MBA is of high demand.

#2. A lot of job recruiting exams for example in Telecom sector, especially in case of written test, it is based on quantitative or analytical practice which is very similar to GRE test.

Now Few Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) and Answers about GRE
Question: What are the parts of GRE ?
Ans: GRE Test comprise of 3 sections.i.e. Quantative Section/Math (of 800 marks), Verbal Section(of 800 marks), Analytical Writing Section (of 6 points)

Question: Do you need to give both GRE and TOEFL/IELTS or only one?
Ans: Both GRE and TOEFL/IELTS is required for applying. To apply for MSc or PhD programs GRE is a like an entrance exam or admission test. If you do well in GRE, it seems you are doing well in an admission test. So your chances become higher for getting an admission as well as scholarship to World Leading Universities. Even students form USA or CANADA require GRE for their MS and PhD application.

Question: Which one I should take with GRE? TOEFL or IELTS ?
Ans: TOEFL or IELTS are similar type of Tests and required only for those students whose native language is not English like Bangladeshi students. You can take either TOEFL or IELTS. In case of USA there are few universities which allow only TOEFL not IELTS. Other than that in all over the world both IELTS and TOEFL are allowed. The preparation is almost same and variation may be in question patterns. But the matter is that if you take GRE then TOEFL or IELTS is not that much to prepare again. I took my TOELF (Internet based) exam with a four days preparation after my GRE exam. So concentrate on
GRE and don’t worry much of TOEFL or IELTS. These exams are very easy comparing to GRE.

Question: How to start with GRE Preparation?
Ans: The first thing should be memorizing words for the verbal section of GRE. Then practice quantitative(math). Now a days the math secrion is very very tough. Do not ignore maths only because you are an Engineer. Take at least one week preparation for analytical writing.

Ques: What are the books for GRE preparation?
Ans: For words/verbal the Book :”Word Smart” by Princeton Review is the ultimate weapon. It is a small and cheap book with near about 1500 words. Try to memorize all those with in 2/3 months. For quantitative Barron’s GRE is very good book. For verbal Barrons has 3500 words but the bad thing with Barron’s GRE book is that it has tough word meanings with tougher synonyms. So at the beginning do not start with Barrons for verbal/word practice. Only after you complete the 1500 most common words from Word Smart you can start Barrons if you have time to prepare. If you complete both Word Smart+ Barrons then you would get 1450+ for sure in GRE.

Question: Which score is good in GRE?
Ans: Out of 1600(800 in math, 800 in verbal) above 1200 is good in the sense that you must get 750 in math(which is most important for Engineering Students) and a score with 450+ as our mother language is not English. But for US/CAN students 600+ is required for Verbal section. Anything above 1400 is superb score and you can apply to University of California, Barkley with 1400+ score.

I should soon mail for how to prepare for GRE. You can mail me [] for any query.

Best luck to KUETians.

Tips for TOEFL Preparation

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Md. Raihan Masud, CSE Alumni, Batch- 2K2
Lecturer, Stamford University Bangladesh
PhD Student(From Fall,2008), Graduate Fellow
University of Oregon, USA

TOEFL is now a days available in iBT format i.e. Internet Based Test.

Sections :

Reading :
Long Format : Five Passages
[3 out of 5 should be evaluated but have to answer all five]
Short Format: Three Passages
Each Passage has 12-14 MCQ(with 1/2 exceptions)
20 minutes for reading each Passage(100+ lines long)ans ans 12-14 questions

Tips: Read Daily Star Weekends, Online versions of Wall Street Journals, New York Times and articles from ALDAILY.COM
be used to with american literatures(May read Novels from Sidney Sheldon)

Short Format: Six lectures+converstions
Long Format: Nine lectures+converstions
Have to ans. 5-6 MCQ from each lecture or conversation
Time: 10 Minutes for each lecture/conversation

Tips: Be sure to understand American Accent
Listen CNN & CNN radio Podcasts @ Internet, Can download several audio lectures on different subjects from Internet like Watch English muviz without subtitles

Speaking :
This is real tough is you don’t practice much
2+4 Speaking tasks
You have to speak within 45-60 seconds for each task like one I can recall from my test : Most memorable event in my
life (in 45 seconds)
Tips: Don’t worry about time if you practice you would wonder that you have some time left after you finish out of this 45 seconds!!!
Practice with your friends as much as you can and do speak on any sort of topic. Its a good idea that when you speak, speak in english when you are intended to take the TOEFL Test Before you speak listen a lot. It would help you to capture
the style of speaking. For example, Instead of “I will eat rice” use “I will have rice”

Writing :
2 Writing Task [20+30 minutues]
Tips: Read a lot before you write to learn the writing style

Each part contains 30 Marks total exam is out of 120.
Most schools(universities) ask for 80+

Preparation Materials:

Barrons TOEFL iBT(12th Edition)
Official Guide for TOEFL iBT(ETS)

Note: TOEFL is not that hard and time consuming exam like GRE/GMAT.

Best luck with your Test.

How to apply for Monbukagakusho (Japanese Government Scholarship)

Sunday, September 27th, 2009
Md. Abunaser Chowdary
CE Alumni, Batch- 99, KUET
PhD Student
Department of Civil Engineering
Gifu University, Japan

Monbukagakusho (Japanese Government Scholarship) is the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and technology (MEXT) of Japan. International students are usually selected for Monbukagakusho scholarship either through Japanese Embassy or Japanese universities.

The system of getting scholarship through Japanese Embassy are as follows:

1. Ministry of Education, Bangladesh advertises in the newspapers inviting applications for Monbukagakusho scholarship (for both undergraduate and post graduate studies).
2. Applicants have to apply to the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh within the deadline.
3. Ministry of Education selects about 175 applicants (may be change) on the basis of their past academic records and sends the list to the Japanese Embassy in Bangladesh and also notifies the primarily selected applicants.
4. Japanese Embassy in Bangladesh sends the primarily selected applicants necessary forms and requests them to submit necessary documents to them. During this period, each applicant is asked to contact any professor in any Japanese University to get letter of acceptance from him. This letter of acceptance is also important.
5. They make an schedule for the interviews of the applicants.
6. The Japanese Embassy sends all the documents to Monbukagakusho.
7. Monbukagakusho has the final say. The finally selected applicants (near about 30 person) will be notified through Japanese Embassy.

The system of getting scholarship through Japanese Universities are as follows:

1. Contact one professor in any Japanese University under whom you want to conduct research. Your field of interest must match with the field of research of that professor. When you contact one professor for the first time, don’t forget to      send your elegant resume that highlights your current research activities, academic achievements, etc.
2. Write to the professor clearly that you want to continue research under him and want to be selected for Monbukagakusho scholarship. You have to make the professor convinced that you are the eligible person to continue his research.
3. If the professor is convinced, he may respond.
4. If the professor responds, request him to send you application forms for scholarship. Note here that many Japanese professor does not know well about Monbukagakusho scholarship.
5. Professor would send you application forms, you fill it up and return it to the professor with necessary documents.
6. Professor will submit your application to Monbukagakusho through his university.
7. Mobukagakusho will decide whether to accept you or not.

If you are selected for scholarship under special graduate program, learning of Japanese is not mandatory.
Else, you have to learn Japanese for at least six months after arrival in Japan.

Some Influential Tips for higher study in abroad

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Dr. Masud Rahman, ME Alumni, KUET, Batch-90
Director, TokyoTech Australia Pty Ltd
Former Researcher, Australian National University(ANU)
I would like to add few words about who are interested for higher study with lower grades.

1. If you don’t think about scholarship, don’t look back at your CGPA. You just need a KUET certificate. That’s it.
Most of the foreign universities (more than 75%) only look at your cgpa, if you ask about scholarship. Otherwise,
they are NOT. This works on the same policy, they have to cut 99% of the applicant. For scholarship, CGPA has a
great value!  Let say, someone applies from a private university with cgpa 3.90 and someone from BUET with cgpa
3.30, the private one will be picked up in the most cases. Strange!!!
2. In fact, Canadian university support a lot for foreign students. Australia is the worst here. However, if you can
complete your degree from Australia, it is likely to get a good job.
3. In my experience, the best job available in Japan now. if you can manage your Master deg there somehow, you will
get your job before a year!!!
4. For Australian immi, if you have enough job experience, you are simply qualified. if so, apply for residentship.
If you get residenship, scholarship is more than available. They will not look at your cgpa then. When I was
teaching at ANU, I could not find any local student for the scholarships. Can you believe that?


How to guide for higher study

Sunday, September 27th, 2009
Md. Abdur Rahman, ME, Batch- 2k2
MASc Student, Ryerson University, CANADA

1. How to apply for Graduate Study in Canada?

Ans: To apply for Graduate study the first step is to convince a Professor (see article-4). It will make your next  steps very very simple. Now-a-days the admission forms of all universities are available in online. To get in admission webpage click on “admission” then”admission form”. For Ryerson Unversity the page is

All Canadian Universities have a Admission fee ($80 to $90). If you have a “Credit card” then its very easy for you to pay the fee. You can also make a “Bank Draft” from “Standard Chartered Bank, Bangladesh”. It’s better if you have your own Bank account. You can also make it from other accounts. Before submission check all of your documents & informations.

2. How to plan for Immigration for Canada?

Ans: To apply for immigration in Canada, you need at least 1 year continuous work experience. It doesn’t matter from where you were working. For details information log on following link:

Also you need a minimum pass mark 67. You can take a self assesment from following link:

3. How to face Visa Interview?

Ans: To study in Canada you need a “Study Permit”. First you have to apply for it in “Canadian High Visa Application Center”.
Its located in Gulsan-1, Dhaka. Normally they don’t ask for interview. If you have sufficient funds (or scholarship) you don’t need to show any sponsorship or “High bank Solvency”. For details and application forms logon following link:

4. How to mail to Professors/Researchers for grant/Funding

Ans: For Canada/ USA/ UK/ Australia: – in google type – “Canadian / USA/ UK/ Australian universities” or go to Universities list in KUET Alumni site
- You will see a list of universities. Click first one- you will enter that university web page.
- Click on Departments/ Faculties- you will see the list of departments/ Faculties.
- Click on department/ faculty same as your department/ which department you are looking for.
- Click Faculty staff/ teachers- you will find a list of teachers with their contact informations.
- Copy the email addresses one by one and paste on your compose page (on your own mail) and  write message(you may save/ make draft a message and send same message to everyone).
- If you fail to find out contact address go to search option and type “teachers of the department (me/ eee / cse.. .) ”

What you have to write on message? There is no specific formality writing to the professors?
In subject: You may write: “from Bangladesh”, “want to be a member of your research team” or any things that you think best.
On mail : Start with My dear sir/ Dr / Sensie (only for Japaniese) and then write about you i.e your name, country, name of your university including CGPA and current year of study.

Then write I am strongly wish to be a researcher(you may include your undergraduate research topics) and please give me a chance to work with you. I am pleased about your research area…….. .. as much as you can write smartly to convince him. AT last don’t forget to write “if you can manage any RA/ TA for me it will be better for me” and Thank you. You may attach your RESUME (be sure that you wrote it as international format).

5.  How to start your BSc Thesis?

Ans: Its better if you start to think about your BSc thesis from 5th Semester (Level # 3, semester # 1). Ask your senior brothers who are now doing thesis about their topics and their activities. If you have a plan to higher study, its better to discuss with seniors who are now in Higher studies level. Also take in mind that the course credit is only 4.50. So if you waste too many time in it, it will affect on your overall results. So always try to make a balance in between thesis & courses.

6. How to write Papers?

Ans: (I am in ME department so I have no idea about another department). Following are the websites for the paper formats of “American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)”:

Also if you are a Mechanical Engineering student, you need to know about ASME. Following is the website of ASME:

Higher Study in Germany

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Sikder Ali Ahasan,
EEE Alumni, Batch-88, KUET
M.Sc., Information & Communication Systems
Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

Present status: SAP HR Senior Analyst,in A Global Chemical Company, UK

Study in Germany has never been easy specially prior to 1997. But due to a significant shortage of IT professionals and growth of IT industries, many German Universities have started offering M.Sc. programs in Information & Communication Systems, Technology related Management subjects and good news is most of these programs are offered entirely in English which wasn’t the case earlier.

Germany has two different kinds of Universities offering these M.Sc. programs – University of Applied Science (Fachhochschule) & Technical University (Techenische Universitaet). Studying in Technical Universities will be the best choice and if you have above average grade points and good TOEFL/IELTS score (at least 5.5), please have a look in different universities offering subject of your choice. Please note, some universities also require a standard GRE. But to be honest, it’s worth to have a look and explore this possibility.

There are several websites where you can find information about different universities and their M.Sc. programs. Some good sites are:  Use `course search’ option, then `International Programmes’. There are three options to choose from – Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral and you can also filter/narrow your search using your preferred subject or field of subject.

Study cost: Most Universities will charge a semester fee of approx. € 500 per semester which will give you a free transport ticket, access to University Fitness facilities, Swimming Pool Access, Free allowance to print and/or copy documents (some universities has limit), discounted food in Mensa (Cafeteria), etc. Apart from this, you will have to count for your monthly expenses of € 300 to €600. But this depends as how you arrange your living and maintain costs. Some students even manage this with €250 and some even go above €600 per month with a shared house & food.

Part Time Jobs: In most cases there are possibility of getting part time jobs at local shops (pizza hut, McDonalds, Superstores – but only if you already speak a good level of German). Technical Universities have many faculties and many PhD students, projects. Most Professors & Ph.D. students have part time jobs for students which is called `HIWI’ job. Normally you can work up to 72 hours per month and can expect around €8.65 per hour. Number of Ph.D. students and number of international student ratio is good. There is also a job office called `Arbietsamt’ where you can also find some part time jobs as most companies, restaurants and other organizations advertise here who look for part time people. It’s also worth to apply to different companies who has part time jobs for students, but you need to have at least some skills like web design & programming, database programming, network engineering knowledge, telecommunication experience, software engineering, etc. Some students are very proactive to use their web design experience to make some money within the Asian communities. There are many Asian grocery shops, restaurants who are very interested to build their websites but don’t want to spend much money to it. So students making these are one of their best choices.

Language: Learning German language is not necessary while studying in Germany but you will really be step ahead if you do learn this language. Universities offer free language classes and if you don’t miss it, you can easily speak and understand Deutsch language within couple of months. Watching German TV and trying to speak to local people is the most effective way to enhance your proficiency.

Medical Insurance: You will have to pay around € 50 for health insurance and you will have access to all health services including dental. This cost is included in the monthly expenses I have outlined above.

Good luck and let me know if you have any specific question. Above information is based on my experience during 1999 to 2001. During the last couple of years some rules may have changed but certainly now you have more universities offering M.Sc. programs.

Higher study in Sweden

Saturday, September 26th, 2009


Sheikh Mahbub Habib
M.Sc. Student,
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

Lecturer(On Leave), USTC, Bangladesh.
E-mail: ,

First of all, higher education(B.Sc. and M.Sc.) is still free. Hope fully, it will be free up to next year until further notice given. So, be prepare to apply in Sweden this year for the Fall Semester 2008 or Spring 2008. Secondly, there are some world class universities in Sweden from which you can choose one. Chalmers University of Technology( ), KTH( ), Linköping University( ), Lund University ( ), Uppsala University ( ) and Umeå University ( ) are the best universities among Sweden. Currently, Chalmers, Lund, Linköping,KTH, Uppsala are in best 100 univs of the world.

Now, I am giving some specific subjects for which the univs are famous. Now a days, in terms of funding and research in Engineering Chalmers Univ of Technology is pioneer in Sweden. You can choose any courses of your interest and it will be well admired by any univ in the world. Then comes the KTH. Wireless Systems of KTH is one of the best in the world. Also, Software Engineering for Distributed Systems, Internetworking(badiul-CSE 98),SOC(Barkat-CSE 2k), are one of the famous courses in KTH. Lund is famous for its SOC programme. Intel funded the highest amount for research here in SOC. Linköping is famous for Computer System Engineering. Uppsala and Umeå university is very good in Computer Science. I hope this list willl help u a lot choosing the courses.

Next come to the scholarship matter- In Sweden, it is very sad to say that CSE students didnt get any scholarship up to this year so far i know cos swedish scholarships doesnt cover in those areas. But, EEE students can get scholarships In Electric Power Engineering field which you can choose from KTH or Chalmers. Already, some students from CUET got scholarships
here in Chalmers. For Civil students, there is oppurtunity to get scholarship in Sustainable development programme or Environmental Engineering programme.

For part time job, Gothenburg will be best for you where Chalmers situated. Next will be Stockholm where KTH is situated. In other cities, it is almost impossible to get part time jobs, mind it. But, in anywhere you can complete your Masters programme within 5 lakhs BDT if you can afford that. There are ofcourse some negative things in Sweden. Language is a main barrier in Europe and its remain in Sweden also. It is possible to get research grant in Sweden but difficult to get job after Masters if u dont know Swedish.

Those who wants to do PhD after Masters pls select Chalmers cos highest number of International Students are doing PhD in Chalmers. In Sweden, PhD is kind of job its not scholarship like USA, Australia or Canada. You have to spend 6 years to finish PhD here.

I think, these all informations will be very much helpful for the students who will apply next.

Thats for all today…….
If anyone wants to know more they can contact me or chek the website


Saturday, September 26th, 2009

We are happy to announce that KUET Alumni site has been launched.